Here is a quick overview of our Malt extracts, grains, and adjuncts:

Liquid Bulk Malt Extract (all Briess products): $2.25-2.50/lb*

Pilsner Light, Golden Light, Amber

Dry Malt Extract (Light and Weizen): $5.50/1 lb and $14/3lb

Rice Solid extract: $5.50/1 lb

Sorghum (Gluten-free) Extract: $20/7lb pre-pack

(*Please note we charge $2 for shop malt extract containers, which can be reused or redeemed for credit.  Alternativle, bring in your own wide mouth container or small bucket for purchasing bulk malt extract)


Bulk malts (base grains) avaible in both pound prices and 50-55# bags:

Great Western Premium 2-row 2L: $1.10/$47

Great Western Pale or Gambrinus ESB 2.8L: $1.15/$53

Marris Otter Pale (UK) 3L: $1.35/$66

Golden Promise Pale Malt (UK) 3L:  $1.35

Pilsner (GR) 1.5L: $1.30/$65

Organic 2-row 1.8L: $1.25/$64



Bin grain priced per pound:

Belgian Pale 2L: $1.50

Belgian Pilsner 1.8L: $1.35

Domestic Munich 10L: $1.50

Domestic Vienna 3-4L: $1.50

German Wheat Malt 2L: $1.55

German Vienna 4L: $1.55

German Munich 6L: $1.55

Crystal Malts 10L, 40L, 60L, 80L, 120L: $1.55

Roasted Barley 500L: $1.75

Black (Patent) Malt 500L: $1.75

Chocolate Malt 350L: $1.75

Brown (Amber) Malt 30L: $2.25

Caramunich 50L: $2.10

Caramunich 80L: $2.10

Domestic Wheat (soft white) 2L: $1.40

Unmalted Wheat 1L: $1.50

Victory 25L: $2.00

Special Roast 50L: $2.00

Special B (Belgian) 114L: $2.25

Rye Malt 4L: $2.00

Rauchmalt (GR) 3L: $2.25

Peated Malt (UK) 2L: $2.25

Melanoidin (GR) 30L: $2.10

Light Roast Barley 300L: $2.00

Honey Malt 25L: $1.75

Flaked Grains: Barley 1.5L, Oats 1L, Wheat 2L, Maize 1L, Rye 2L: $2.00

Dextrin (Carapils) Malt 1.5L: $1.55

Coffee Roast Malt (Belgian) 112L: $2.10

Caravienne 25L: $2.10

Caramel Wheat (Belgian) 30L: $2.25

Caraffa Special 2 450L: $2.75

C-135-165 (UK): $2.10

Aromatic Malt (Belgian) 23L: $2.10

Acidulated Malt 2L: $2.75

Briess Midnight Wheat 500L: $1.65


Other Brewing Adjuncts:

Malto-Dextrin Powder: $2.25/8oz

Lactose: $2.00/8oz

Dextrose (Corn Sugar): $1.90/lb

Gypsum: $1.50/.25 cup

Calcium Chloride: $1.75/.25 cup

Burton Salts: $2.00/1 oz pack

Bitter Orange: $1.75/.25 cup

Sweet Orange: $1.75/.25 cup

Coriander: $2.25/.25 cup

Irish Moss: $1.60/.25 cup

Whirlfloc: $5.25/25 pack

Wormwood: $3.25/1oz

Sarsaprilla: $3/75/2oz

Paradise Seed: $2.45/1oz

Rice hulls: $2.50/lb

Yeast nutrient: $1.50/.25 cup
























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