The Bellingham Homebrewers' Guild is hosting the annual Best of the Bay Homebrewers' Competition this summer.

More information at:  www.bellinghambrewers.com



NCBS will be brokering grapes again this Harvest season.  Details soon.  Previous year prices on Grapes ranged from $1.10 to 1.25/#.  We start taking orders August 1.

NCBS brokers grapes once a year to advanced winemakers seeking commercial quality fruit from the Yakima Valley.  Fruit is usually picked within 24 hours of delivery and while we can try and target weekend pick-up time for everyone’s convenience we also defer to the growers judgment for the best picking.  So buyers must be flexible and be prepared for delivery any time at near the estimated harvest.  Grape winemaking is both simple yet nuanced.  We want our customers to get the best results that they can get, at the best price.  Half down deposit secures your order.  The Balance is due at pick-up.
Please note that the Grape Brokerage sales include all access you need to the Crusher-destemmer and Press, but remember that this is a self serve process.  Be prepared to handle your wine and have a plan.  If you not familiar with grape winemaking and have no book references, buying grapes without any guidance is not recommended!

Click on our grape wine page for more info www.northcornerbrewing.com/page/Grape-Wine-Info.aspx



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