We stock an array of distilling yeast strains, including convential beer/wine yeast strains.


About “TURBO YEAST” distilling yeast strains:

Turbo Yeast strains are designed to produce high alcohol (17-24%) washes rapidly and ferment simple sugar washes where other conventional (beer/wine) yeasts would struggle.  TURBO EXPRESS, and TURBO CLASSIC yeast strains all have significant nutrient loads.  You do not need any additional nutrients or adjuncts for use with sugar or fruit washes.  In addition, TURBO WHISKEY and VODKA strains contain Amyloglucosidase enzyme which assists in the conversion of grain carbohydrates to sugars, though these yeast strains are slightly less alcohol tolerant (about 10-15%) then the other TURBO strains.

TURBO YEASTS generally work best for producing neutral spirits distilled via column or reflux stills.  Even with careful head/tail cuts or reflux management, your outputs will be improved with carbon treatment both in fermentation and after final proof blending.  The Still Spirit line of TURBO CARBON and TURBO CLEAR products do work well in accelerating clearing and clean-up of the wash.   After distilling and blending, a carbon filter such as BRITA filter or in-line active carbon filters will further “polish” or clean up remaining volatile compounds.

Some basic tips for distilling neutral “clear” alcohol using turbo yeast strains:

  • Use a column or reflux still.  If you must use a pot still run at least 2 passes.Consider using the in-solution TURBO CARBON.  It is inexpensive and effective
  • Use the TURBO CLEAR fining agents (or other effective winemaking fining agents) to run clearer washes into the still producing less off flavors via distillation
  • Monitor fermentation temperatures.  Maintain about 65-70 degrees, no hotter
  • Allow more time for clarity and settling then the generic recipe information suggests, and rack carefully leaving sediments behind
  • Make sure your thermometers and temperature sensors are calibrated and accurate
  • Run your final blends through active carbon (in-line filters, EZ carbon filters, or BRITA filter styles) and make sure any carbon dust is filtered out via coffee cone filter paper or cotton cloth filtration

Pot still strategies and other yeast options:

Pot stills carry over more influence from the wash.   Consider using beer and wine yeasts which typically produce cleaner flavors though at lower alcohol potentials (and more time required) than TURBO yeast strains.  Our in house yeast package for distillers is an option for fruit or grain inputs, producing clean washes above 10% alcohol.

For more comprehensive information check out  www.homedistiller.org and www.stillspirits.com

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