WEE HEAVY: Scottish Ale

Robust and earthy Scottish Ale:

8 lbs Light Malt Extract
4 oz Roasted Barley
1.25 lbs Crystal 80L Malt
4 oz Peated Malt
1# Brown sugar (you provide, available at any grocery store)

2 oz Fuggles hops total: 2 oz @ 60 minutes

2 tsp gypsum and 1tsp Irish Moss, added at beginning of boil

1st choice:  Wyeast 1728.  Dry option: Nottingham

3/4 cup dextrose for bottle priming   
Starting Gravity:1.067-70    ABV: 7.2-7.5%    SRM: 22-24    IBU: 23-28


Full recipe (in MS word format):

WEE HEAVY.doc (41.50 kb)

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