A malty balanced Ale, with nutty/roasted flavors:

7lbs Light Malt Extract
8 oz Crystal 40L Malt
8 oz Dextrin Malt
4 oz Flaked Maize
4 oz US Golding or (2nd option) Fuggles Hops Total:
1.5 oz @ 60 minutes
1 oz @ 5 minutes
1 oz @ 1 minute
.5 oz @ Dry-hopped in fermenter

Dry hop addition can be added either to1) the secondary fermenter or, 2) to the bottling bucket at bottling time or, 3) to soda keg for keg users.  Use a small mesh bag.  Add dry hops directly or steep hop bag in boiling water to sterilize for 30 seconds.  

2 tsp gypsum and 1 tsp Irish Moss package, added at beginning of boil

Liquid yeast options:  1st choice Wyeast 1968 London ESB; 2nd choice Wyeast 1098 British Ale Yeast or Dry yeast options: Windsor or Safale 04

3/4-cup dextrose for bottle priming on bottling day   

Starting Gravity:1.048-1.050    ABV: 5.1-5.4%    SRM: 6-9    IBU: 28-31


Full recipe (in MS word format):

LONDON ALE.doc (41.00 kb)

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