Amber Ale #2:

A straightforward malty, balanced Red Ale

8lbs Light Malt Extract
1.25 lbs Crystal 120L Malt
8 oz Munich Malt
2 oz Columbus or (2nd option) 2oz Centennial Hops Total:
1 oz @ 60 minutes
1 oz @ 1 minute

2 tsp gypsum and 1 tsp Irish Moss package, added at beginning of boil

Liquid yeast options:  1st choice Wyeast 1028 London Ale; 2nd choice Wyeast 1056 British Ale Yeast or Dry yeast options: Nottingham or Danstar Dry-97

3/4-cup dextrose for bottle priming on bottling day   

Starting Gravity:1.059-1.060    ABV: 5.8-6.1%    SRM: 34-36    IBU: 33-36



AMBER #2.doc (40.00 kb)

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